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Have you been the victim of consumer fraud? Don't let fraudsters get away with it. Talk to a highly experienced consumer protection lawyer at The Family and Consumer Law Center of Claude Lefebvre, Christopher Lefebvre, P.C.

Few attorneys take consumer protection cases, but we do – and we get RESULTS! See a few of the many notable fraud cases where we obtained compensation for our clients.

We bring more than two decades of legal experience to the table when we fight for the rights of consumers in Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts. Our extensive experience means we can handle even the most challenging mortgage fraud, financial abuse and auto fraud cases.

If a corporation acted fraudulently and you are one among many victims, we can file a class action lawsuit and join together all the injured parties to present a stronger, unified case. Contact our Pawtucket office or call us at 401-728-6060 to learn more about consumer fraud.

Our Consumer Protection Practice

We can help you with these and other types of consumer fraud cases:     »

  • Lemon law claims : If you purchased a new vehicle and have experienced continual problems getting it to run properly, you may have a claim under federal and state lemon laws.
  • Odometer or other auto fraud: We've handle cases involving the rollback of odometers, failure to disclose prior damage, and misrepresentations in auto financing.
  • Debt collection abuse: We protect our clients from abusive debt collectors who call day and night, or worse, who call neighbors and coworkers to ask them to talk to you about your outstanding debt! This kind of humiliating behavior happens all the time but it's against the law under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)! We also help clients who are being hounded for debts they don't owe (collection fraud), and by creditors who aren't licensed and therefore can't legally collect on debts. We also help clients get errors fixed on their credit reports.
  • Mortgage fraud or abuse claims: We protect the rights of people who signed mortgage agreements based on false or misleading statements, including misrepresentations about interest rates or adjustable rate terms. In some cases, filing for bankruptcy can be an effective tactic to get out from under a fraudulent mortgage.

Don't be a victim of an unscrupulous car dealership, auto seller, mortgage lender or collection agency. Take immediate action! Contact our Pawtucket office at 401-728-6060 (toll-free at 800-851-1829). We also have a satellite office in Providence.

Our office is open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. evening, and Saturdays appoinments upon request.
We are located in historic downtown Pawtucket, just off Route 95.

We accept all major credit cards.

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The bankuptcy, family Law and consumer protection lawyers at The Family and Consumer Law Center of Claude Lefebvre and Christopher Lefebvre, P.C., have offices in Pawtucket and Cranston, Rhode Island. The firm represents clients throughout Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts' communities including Providence, Warwick, Attleboro, Seekonk; and communities in Bristol County and Norfolk County, MA.
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