Stop Home Foreclosure in Rhode Island

Are you behind on your mortgage payments and are worried about foreclosure? Get the facts.

Filing for bankruptcy before the bank schedules a foreclosure proceeding will temporarily stop the home foreclosure process. This is a one reason why people file for bankruptcy and it can be a very useful tactic. However, unfortunately foreclosure can't be stopped forever, but it can buy you time to come up with a better solution.

Helping you find solutions: that's what we do at The Family and Consumer Law Center . Our bankruptcy attorneys work with clients to stop home foreclosures in Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts. Call 401-728-6060 for a free initial consultation. Contact the Rhode Island bankruptcy lawyers.

You May Have Been the Victim of Mortgage Fraud

Our law firm has handled a lot of bankruptcy and consumer fraud cases (see some of our notable cases). We've seen a lot of misbehavior on the part of banks and mortgage lenders. You may have been the victim of mortgage fraud or creditor abuse.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding is a good forum to challenge improprieties in the foreclosure process. Many lenders are sloppy when they start foreclosure proceedings. They give improper notice to the homeowner, send inconsistent or contradictory notices so you don't know who, what or when. Often people think they've done everything they've been asked to do but still find themselves facing a foreclosure.

We're On Your Side

The banks didn't give you an easy ride; we make sure they don't have an easy ride either. We're here to protect your interests. Chapter 13 gives us a comprehensive, systematic way to hold the bank accountable. Our lawyers are intimately familiar with state law, foreclosure practices and procedures. Our knowledge and experience can benefit you above and beyond the bankruptcy process.

Take immediate action! If you've missed a house payment, talk to a lawyer and get the facts about bankruptcy and home foreclosure. Contact our Pawtucket office at 401-728-6060 (toll-free at 800-851-1829). We also have a satellite office in Providence.

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The bankuptcy, family Law and consumer protection lawyers at The Family and Consumer Law Center of Claude Lefebvre and Christopher Lefebvre, P.C., have offices in Pawtucket and Cranston, Rhode Island. The firm represents clients throughout Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts' communities including Providence, Warwick, Attleboro, Seekonk; and communities in Bristol County and Norfolk County, MA.
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